Coral* : A Multi-server Distant Cooperative Learning System.

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Ying-Dar Lin, Yuan-Cheng Lai, Ming-Horng Chang

Sixth International Conference on Computer-
Assisted Instruction, 1996.

CORAL(CoOperative Remote Access Learning) system, a WWW-based distant and cooperative learning system, was originally developed with a single-server architecture. Currently some organizations and schools may own self CORAL servers to provide the distance learning for their employees and students. However, the original design of the single-server architecture cause no linkages between these CORAL servers, and result in the narrow learning environment; i.e., fewer course materials and fewer learning partners.

In this paper, we present a multi-server tight-coupled CORAL* system. In order to deploy CORAL across multiple organizations and schools, we develop multi-server and user management procedures and extend single-server communication channels to multi-server communication channels in our CORAL* system,. In addition, we add four new functions into this system: the guided navigation system, the mail system, the audio system and the learning activities query system. Currently the system provides an environment for (1) users to access remote class materials, find learning partners, and conduct cooperative learning; (2) instructors to monitor and study learning activities; (3) managers to operate and maintain their local servers independently.


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