Lab Policies

1. Deliverables: 3P (paper, patent, prototype)
2. Scope: QoS, Security, and Content Networking in Internet Gateways
3. Who: Muscle (Hands-on Skills) + Ambition + Diligence 
    ==>  Muscle + Brain (Domain Knowledge) + Sense (Market Trends)
4. How: (i)   R (Research) + D (Development)   (d -> R -> D)
             (ii)  Meetings (Group x1, Research Teams x3, Individual xN,
                    Implementation x1)
             (iii) Agenda:  Independent Study -> Paper/Product Survey ->
                    Proposal -> Design/Implementation/Benchmarking/Simulation
                    -> 3P -> Revision (suggested schedule)
             (iv) Lab Layout:
                    701: Lobby, meeting room (1), meeting room (2), passage,
                           research room
                    604 (NBL): testbed (1), testbed (2)
             (v)  Financial Support
                        Ph.D.:  10000~24000/month
                        M.S. :  0~8000/month (1st year)
                                   8000~16000/month (2nd year)
5. Where to go:
             (i)   Research Institutes (ITRI, III)
             (ii)  Research Universities
             (iii) Vendors (友訊, 合勤, 智邦,.. )
             (iv) Service Providers
             (v)  Startups