Major Leagues

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ACM conferences can be found at
IEEE conferences can be found at

Major Journals in Networking Area:

  1. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
  2. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
  3. IEEE Network
  4. IEEE Communications Magazine
  5. IEEE Personal Communications
  6. IEEE Internet Computing
  7. Computer Networks
  8. Computer Communications
  9. ACM Computer Communications Review
10. Journal of High Speed Networks
11. Wireless Networks
12. Mobile Networks and Applications
13. ACM Mobile Computing and Communications Review
14. IEE Proceedings -- Communications
15. IEICE Transactions on Communications
16. IEEE Communications Letters
17. IEEE Communications Surveys

Due Dates of Major Conferences:

(Note that there might be a shift of up to one month. The number means the acceptance ratio.)
Jan. SIGCOMM (1/8), IWQoS (1/4)
Feb. Globecom (1/2)
Apr. LCN (1/2)
May. ICNP (1/3), IC3N (1/3)
Jul. INFOCOM (1/4)
Sep. ICC (1/2)
Nov. Interop (1/2)