Guidelines for Paper Outline

Guidelines for Paper Outline:

1. Lookup the tips on paper writing at and These are useful tips.

2. Structure your outline into (1) numbered Sections, (2) numbered Subsections, (3) un-numbered subtitles, and (4) paragraphs.

3. Within paragraphs, give logic flows with WHY and WHAT/HOW, not just WHAT/HOW, i.e., X->Y. That is, reason instead of describing. (論述而非敘述)
    This is a common mistake that most students have. Use a logical threading model instead of a building-block model that simply throws in everything.
    You want to thread things into a logic flow. Tell a story with a logic flow.

4. Insert references as [ ] and figures/tables with number and title. For the result figures, indicate your X-axis and Y-axis.

5. The reason to writeup an outline before actually writing it is to separate two challenging works, logic composition and sentence composition, into two phases.
    In the phase of sentence composition, you focus only on sentences instead of logic which should have been determined in the earlier phase.