Thesis Guidelines

1.Tips for Time Management
2.Tips for Research
3.Tips on Ph.D. study
4.Tips on preparing your pre-proposal and proposal
5.Tips on Planning Master Study(ppt) (pdf)
6.Hints on Writing Networking Papers
7.Guidelines for Paper Outline
8.Guidelines for Paper Writing
9.English Technical Writing
Thesis Guidelines:
(sample slides, thesis, and outline are in the homepage of lab internal documents.)
8/26   (Tue.) pre-proposal
10/15 (Wed.) proposal
11/12 (Wed.) solution confirmed
1/07   (Wed.) preliminary numerical result
2/25   (Wed.) numerical results and thesis outline
3/11   (Wed.) ch1 (introduction) due
3/25   (Wed.) ch2 (background) due
4/01   (Wed.) ch3 (problem statement) due
4/15   (Wed.) ch4 (algorithms) due
4/29   (Wed.) ch5 (numerical results) due
5/06   (Wed.) a complete draft due
(The oral exam can be confirmed only after a satisfactory version is done.)
5/20   (Wed.) patent application draft, if any
5/28   (Thur.) revised thesis sent to the oral exam committee members
6/04   (Thur.) oral exam
6/06   (Sat.) graduation ceremony
6/30   (Tue.) thesis filed