Computer Science Project II,

Spring 2020

Instructor: Prof. Ying-Dar Lin,

Lecture hours: 3GH (3:30-5:20PM Wednesday) at EC 122

Course homepage: course page

Course Objectives:

Students form groups to work with individual professors on different projects. The goal is to train our students to have a capability doing independent research and development, and also collaborative work. There are an award ceremony and several invited talks on 3/11 by senior students who have won project contests before. Then there will be no class until the semester-end review in the form of poster sessions and live demo, where scores are given by the instructor and peer students.



70%: given by advising professors

30%: given by the instructor of this course, among which a half given by the instructor and another half given by peer students.


Winner’s talks
    Weeks 2 (3/11 3:30-5:30PM)
    6 invited speeches by senior student teams who have won project contests
No class afterwards
Semester-end review (with A1 poster and live demo)
    All teams except those who are finalists of department project contest 5/28-29 (Thur-Fri)
    Preparation: A1-size poster on poster stand in the 1st-floor lobby of Engineering III
    Live demo (default), replayed video acceptable only if limited by space

    Poster session: 18 posters in a session of 1.5 hours (2:00-3:30 and 3:45-5:15) totally 4 sessions across 2 days, totally 18x4=72 teams at maximum

    Review: instructor review (50%) and peer review (50%)