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Intro. to Internet of Things, Fall 2021

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Internet of Things: A Hands-on Approach, Arshdeep Bahga and Vijay Madisetti, Hands On Books Series, August 2014.; online resources:


Chapter 1: Introduction to IoT


Chapter 2: Domain Specific IoTs

Chapter 3: IoT & M2M

Chapter 4: IoT System Management with NETCONF-YANG

Chapter 5: IoT Design Methodology

Chapter 6: IoT Systems – Logical Design using Python

Chapter 7: IoT Physical Devices & Endpoints

Chapter 8: IoT Physical Servers & Cloud Offerings

Chapter 9: Case Studies Illustrating of Design

Chapter 10: Data Analytics for IoT

Chapter 11: Tools for IoT

Online courses:

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previous course

Assignments 1, 2, 3, and final demo

Assignment 1

Assignment 2


Important dates/datelines:

Assignment #1: lecture on 10/6 (Wed), due on E3 on 10/27 (Wed)

Assignment #2: lecture on 11/3 (Wed), due on E3 on 12/1 (Wed)

Final exam (open book): 12/22 (Wed) in ED302

Assignment #3: lecture on 12/8 (Wed), due on E3 on 1/5 (Wed)
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