Seminar - Information Systems and System Design (5275)


     3GH (3:30-5:20PM Wednesday) at EC122

     Instructor: Prof. Ying-Dar Lin, Spring 2022



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2019 Fall

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This seminar course is to expose graduate students to research and industry lectures delivered by renown researchers and technologists. Approximately a half are from the academia and another half are from the industry. Students should take notes and deliver the notes to course TA right after each lecture. At most two lectures could be skipped throughout the course. To enhance class interaction, each student needs to ask at least one question to the speaker during the whole semester. Confirmed lectures are listed below.

1. 每名學生最多可缺席2次,超過2次者,成績不及格。
2. 本學期內至少要對一位演講者提問一個問題。
3. 每次上課要繳交心得報告一份; 心得報告須寫出來自演講者分享的一或兩句話,而不是來自演講海報內容。須填學號、姓名。
4. 每次上課遲到超過10分鐘,以缺課論。
1. Your grade (P/F) depends on the times of your presence at seminars. To pass the course, you may only miss class at most twice.
2. You need to ask at least one question to a speaker by the end of this semester
3. Turn in the seminar report each time you attend. The report should contain some insightful words from the speaker, in addition to the content in the slides.
4. Do not come late beyond 10 mins as it will be counted as absence.

Date Speaker (with title) Affiliation Title Attached File
2/16 Yu-Han Qiu Counseling Office, NYCU Gender Equality Education No available
2/23 TBD Foxconn TBD No available
3/2 TBD Mediatek TBD No available
3/9 Winston.Hsu CTO/Professor MobileDrive Inc./National Taiwan University Enabling AI-Augmented and Software-Defined Vehicles No available
3/16 Youn-Long Lin, Chair Professor National Tsing Hua University HarDnet: Architecture Development and Applications of a Memory-Efficient Neural Network No available
3/23 Khein Seng Pua, Chairman Phison Inc. TBD No available
3/30 Keh-Jeng Chang, Deputy Director TSMC Innovations in Software and Hardware Needed for Advanced VLSI and SoC Technologies No available
4/13 None None Midterm week No available
4/20 Hsu-Chun Hsiao, Associate Prof. National Taiwan University, CS The Tug-of-war Between Ad Blockers and Advertisers No available
4/27 TBD TBD TBD No available
5/4 TBD TBD TBD No available
5/11 TBD TBD TBD No available
5/18 Chun-Hsin Wu National University of Kaohsiung, CS Cyber Data Analytics in the Battle for Democracy No available
5/25 TBD Novatek Inc. TBD No available

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