Switch Router Design & Implementation




Switch Router Design & Implementation

Teaching Staff

Course Grading

Course Schedule

Course Schedule

Course Schedule

Course Schedule

Course Benefits

Teaching Philosophy

Network Engineering

Taiwan’s Industry

Key Engineering Skills

Fundamental Engineering Skills

Key Engineering Value

The Value Chain in Networking has Changed

Porter’s Industry Attractiveness Model

國內 Networking IC 現況

Product Line of Ethernet LAN IC

Network Technology

Technology Pace has Exploded

Technology Creating Abundance

Moore’s Law Meets Network ICs

DWDM: A Breakthrough Technology

Demand Growing Faster than Technology

Changing of the Era: SONET WDM

Changing of the Era: Network Processor

Changing of the Era: Packetization

Changing of the Era: Service Networks

Network Service

Biggest Driving Factor: Internet Traffic

Internet’s Exponential Growth & Changes

The Current PSTN Model

The Current Internet Model

A Possible Future Model

Another Possible Future Model

Network Architecture

Network Convergence

Service & Content Revenue Trends

The new business driver . . . THE CUSTOMER

Market Success / Failures

Networking : A Technology Timeline

Market Tradeoffs

Strategies and Corresponding Value Propositions

Broadband Network Market


Bridge vs Router

LAN Standards

High Speed Networking

IP Switching Model

A Taxonomy of IP Switching Solutions

Club Sandwich Debate (Protocols)

Other Success & Failure

Key to Success

Fast Ethernet is a Winner

Frame Relay is a Winner

Multi-Layer Switch will be a Winner

Network Backgrounder

Today’s Dominant Network Model

Evolving Networking Architecture

Evolving Network Architecture

Next Generation Network

The “Datagram” Model

Historical Issues with Datagram

The “Overlay” Model

The “Overlay” Model — Pros & Cons

The “Overlay” Model — Edge-to-edge

The “Integrated” Model

Addressing Schemes

Routing Schemes

Gigabit Ethernet

Ethernet - what it used to be ...

Ethernet - where it is going ...

Ethernet - where it is going ...

Ethernet - where it is going …

Networking - where it is going …

Networking - where is it going ...

Networking - still to come

Network - standards status

So, is this still Ethernet ?

IP Switch

IP Switch -- Concept

IP Switch -- Configuration

Ipsilon Protocols

Flow vs. Connection Oriented Traffic

IP Switch Operations

IP Switch--Campus, Departmental Backbones

IP Switching

Stated Advantages of IP Switch

Potential Disadvantages of IP Switch

MPLS (Tag) Switch

MPLS (Tag) Switching Overview

MPLS (Tag) Switching Example

Cell Interleaving Problem

MPLS (Tag) Switching

MPLS (Tag) Switching — Pros & Cons

Potential Refinements to MPLS

Route Accelerator

Router Accelerator

Route Accelerator — Advantages

Learning/Forwarding in IP Forwarding Switch

Sending IP Packets

An Example of Inter-Subnet Communication

Route Once, Switch Many

Route Advertisements: RIP and OSPF

IP Learning Process

Issue of Dynamic Routing


Cells-In-Frame Concept

Cells-In-Frames Reference Model

CIF ABR Flow Control

Functions in CIF Switches

Stated Advantages of CIF

Potential Disadvantages of CIF

LAN Emulation

LAN Emulation Model

LE Service Components

LUNI Protocol Overview




Registration and BUS Initialization

Data Movement

LEC Connections across LUNI

Address Resolution Frames


Message Flow / ATM to ATM

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