Course Syllabus (MS Word97 Format)

Lesson 1 Slides

Lesson 2 Slides (PDF Format)

Lesson 3 Slides (PDF Format)

Testing Network Subsystems by Y.T Wang [王耀宗] (PDF Format)

Usage of Integrated Automatic Testing for Multi-Port Ethernet Switches by 王文豪, 陳俊儒, 王耀宗 (Word97 Format)

Address Resolution Logic by 呂國正 (PowerPoint97 Format)

MAC Controller Implementation by Roger Lin (PowerPoint97 Format)

IP Routing Primer (PDF Format)

Quality of Service (PDF Format)

Input Queue Switching Fabric Technologies (PowerPoint2000 Format)

Smart Library User Guide (PDF format)
Smart Library Message Functions (PDF format)


實驗二:使用SmartBits來測試Layer 3 Switch


Course Homework (Word97 Format)

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Course Reference
  • Rich Seifert, Gigabit Ethernet, Addison-Wesley
  • Chistopher Metz, IP switching: Protocols and Architecture, McGraw-Hill
  • Bassam Habibi, Internet Routing Architectures, Cisco Press
  • Dave Kosiur, IP Multicasting, Wiley
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