National Chiao Tung University January 25, 1999

Department of Computer & Information Science Handout #1

Switch Router Design Paul C. Huang


Switch Router Design & Implementation


Time / Location / Course: Wednesday, 2:30 p.m. ~ 5:30 p.m.

Instructor & Contact: Paul C. Huang (
Phone: 03-591-7245

Teaching Assistants: Wei Huan-yun (
Chang Chung-Hsian (

Prerequisite: Computer Network

Course Content: In this course, we will focus on the issues surrounding the design and implementation of a high speed switch-router. Hardware (switch architecture, queue management, route forwarding, and scheduling), software (IEEE/IETF related protocols), and testing aspects will all be covered from an industry view. By the end of this course, we hope to understand how and why a switch router is designed.

Grading: Homework assignments (25%); Labs (30%); Presentation (15%);
Final Project Grading: Homework assignments (25%); Labs (30%); Presentation (15%);
Final Project (30%).No Exams.

Homework: Students may discuss the homework, labs, presentation, and final project with one another, but must write up their solutions separately. Homeworks must be handed to the TAs on the date it is due to avoid late penalty (15% daily, including weekends & holidays).

Online Resources: Reading list and lecture material will be online a week before class.

Academic Honesty: We believe in the honor system. If the honor code is broken, all students involved will receive no credit for that portion and possibly, an F grade for the course.